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MySQL Utilities: copy, replicate, show, failover… over and over again.

So, after installing Workbench 6.0.7 on my pc, and playing around with the MySQL Utilities that are included, I thought I’d do similar to what others have done (Thanks Tony D.) and share my experience on how I’ve used them. … Continue reading

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OL 4 MySQL: Extending my VM’s root f/s online

Ok, so after all the things that have been announced @MySQLConnect, I’ve got to play around with them. First stop: space (no.. not ‘the final frontier’). I need more space on my f/s to get installing. I was a bit … Continue reading

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MySQL Enterprise Backup: PITR Partial Online Recovery

Here’s a look at using MySQL Enterprise Backup in a specific example: Consider a Backup Policy – Full Backup of the environment. – Complemental Incremental backups & online BinLogs. And the Restore: – Logical Restore. – Online, Zero impact. – … Continue reading

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A MySQL Odyssey: A Blackhole crossover – The technical side of the preso.

Well.. just wanted to share the more technical details I went into when preparing the “A MySQL Odyssey: A Blackhole crossover” for the OpenSUSE Conference in Thessaloniki, July 2013. There’s a youtube version as well, of the actual session, on … Continue reading

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