MySQL Cluster: Una introducción en Español.

MySQL Cluster: El ‘qué’ y el ‘cómo’.

Para aquellos que encuentran mucho sobre MySQL en Inglés pero poco en Español: mi pequeña aportación.
En el enlace tenéis información sobre qué es MySQL Cluster y cómo funciona. Incluso con ejemplos técnicos para romper las barreras y ayudar a simplificarlo (espero).

¡A disfrutar!

MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.10: Teasing compression.

Ok, so I wanted to look into the new compression options of MEB 3.10.

And I would like to share my tests with you. Remember, they’re just this, tests, so please feel free to copy n paste and obtain your own results and conclusions, and should I say it, baselines, in order to compare future behaviour, on your own system.

An Oracle Linux 6.3 virtual machine with 3Gb RAM, 2 virtual threads, on a 1x quad core, windows laptop. Not pretty, but hey.

So, these tests are solely about backup. I’ll do restore when I get some *more* time.

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OL 4 MySQL: Extending my VM’s root f/s online

Ok, so after all the things that have been announced @MySQLConnect, I’ve got to play around with them. First stop: space (no.. not ‘the final frontier’).

I need more space on my f/s to get installing. I was a bit of a scrooge when I created my Oracle Linux virtual machine, so now I’m paying the price.

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MySQL Enterprise Backup: PITR Partial Online Recovery

Here’s a look at using MySQL Enterprise Backup in a specific example:

Consider a Backup Policy

– Full Backup of the environment.
– Complemental Incremental backups & online BinLogs.
And the Restore:
– Logical Restore.
– Online, Zero impact.
– Partial, single database, group of tables.

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Enterprise Monitor-ing the Raspberry Pi & MySQL Cluster

So, now I’ve got my Raspberry Pi’s tested, and running MySQL Cluster we’ll need some form of checking it’s up and running, as with the rest of our MySQL servers.

Monitoring via a Remote Agent

First issue, of course, is that, with my existing MEM console, I have no need to re-install MEM, but rather want to deploy an agent so that I can monitor the MySQL Cluster.
This poses it’s first problem, as there isn’t an ARM-ready agent software available. Remember, it’s not a supported platform. So what can we do? Setup a remote Enterprise Monitor agent, so that, we can monitor the MySQL Cluster, albeit at the sacrifice of not having the agent local on each Raspberry Pi, and hence, not be able to capture the o.s. data.

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From 2 Management nodes down to 1 (R.Pi, Cluster n Cream spin-off)

From my testing MySQL Cluster on the Raspberry Pi’s I thought I’d share this little extract, just in case someone tries the same, some day.. somewhere.. why? I don’t know.

Ok, so when we pull the plug on one of the pi’s, we have of each component falling down, but because one of them is the arbitrator (node-id=2) then cluster falls over.

Before the ‘accident’:

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