Enterprise Monitor-ing the Raspberry Pi & MySQL Cluster

So, now I’ve got my Raspberry Pi’s tested, and running MySQL Cluster we’ll need some form of checking it’s up and running, as with the rest of our MySQL servers.

Monitoring via a Remote Agent

First issue, of course, is that, with my existing MEM console, I have no need to re-install MEM, but rather want to deploy an agent so that I can monitor the MySQL Cluster.
This poses it’s first problem, as there isn’t an ARM-ready agent software available. Remember, it’s not a supported platform. So what can we do? Setup a remote Enterprise Monitor agent, so that, we can monitor the MySQL Cluster, albeit at the sacrifice of not having the agent local on each Raspberry Pi, and hence, not be able to capture the o.s. data.

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From 2 Management nodes down to 1 (R.Pi, Cluster n Cream spin-off)

From my testing MySQL Cluster on the Raspberry Pi’s I thought I’d share this little extract, just in case someone tries the same, some day.. somewhere.. why? I don’t know.

Ok, so when we pull the plug on one of the pi’s, we have of each component falling down, but because one of them is the arbitrator (node-id=2) then cluster falls over.

Before the ‘accident’:

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Raspberry Pi, MySQL Cluster ‘n’ Cream.

Ok, so I’ve been playing around with the idea of setting up MySQL cluster on a couple of Raspberry Pi’s and this is how it has been going.


First of all, for anyone else who’s reading this, it’s not a new thing, I know, and I highly recommend reading A.Morgans blog, http://www.clusterdb.com/mysql-cluster/mysql-cluster-running-on-raspberry-pi/ as well as someone else’s blog: http://markswarbrick.wordpress.com/, cheers Mark.

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